The operation, which determines the user's access rights to the data.

Site Administration
Owner of the site, with the interface to configure the site and the full capabilities of its content.

Personalized login user in the Internet system, consisting usually of a user name and password.

(alt) Alternative signature to the drawing. Appears when you hover the mouse over the picture. Previously used to ensure that users browsing the Web site using a text browser to understand what images they see. Currently, alto is used as a way to increase the number of keywords for search engines. In addition, the search engine Yandex right of search results displays and drawings for the query. The search for such images are precisely the alternative signatures. Placement violas, and even correct in terms of search engines - it is very troublesome. Because the customer usually pays no attention to such trifles, web studio usually neglected viola.

«Renewal» images on the display screen, the synthesis of dynamic images on the computer.

Program Java, embedded in the page HTML. Functionality applets is substantially limited, for example, they are not allowed to read information from the hard drive and record the data there without special permission.

Site Architecture
Structure, plan and program pages of the site.

Direction is intended for advice on effective management and development of internet-draft.

The process of identification.



Collection of data formatted in a special way to facilitate the removal of certain pieces of information.

Advertising media, which is a pop-up window on top of your browser.

Picture of standard size (typically 468x60 pixels and 100x100 pixels), which carries the advertising information. For attractive banner can be animated.

Banner advertising
One way of online advertising, using banners.

Personal blog, available for reading online.

The program allows you to view the resources of the World Wide Web. For example, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc.

Recognizable consumer product name, brand name, company name, word, expression, sign, symbol, design solution or a combination thereof, etc.